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Steps on How to Implement Social Media Marketing for your Business

Social Media Marketing

Checking social media is like checking the morning newspaper. With over 50 billion active users to this day, including all social media platforms, the numbers are only going to rise in the upcoming years. If you’re looking forward to growing your business, and the potential customer base to generate leads eventually, then it is the best platform to do so.

However, that said, having a social media account for your business will not do all the work. You ought to have creativity and sustainably which is all a part of the social media marketing techniques and procedures. If you don’t give them a reason to engage, then simply won’t.

If you’re still on the fence, then read this article to get a brief idea on the steps to implement while marketing on social media platforms

social media platforms

Build a followers base

The problem with a poor quality follower base is you either get no traction on any of your posts, or you do not get any leads or conversions from them. Hence, it is of utmost important to build a quality follower community.

 Set a budget

Although social media platforms feels like advertising for free, they’re far from that. Understanding the cost that go into your efforts and ads play a crucial role in determining your success. If you have no budget or plan set for you SMM, then you might end up overspending on the things that doesn’t even matter. Hence, a strategic planning is mandatory. This includes content creation, social media management on a daily base, automation, advertising, research, and analytics.

 Crystal clear goals

Do you want to increase the traffic to your website? Or you want number of customers buying your product? Whatever your goals are, you ought to be crystal clear about them. You can do this by running campaigns, researching among the audience, increasing engagement, building awareness, increasing customer values and sales and sign ups. There are various ways you can employ to increase your business and reach your goals.

 Leverage paid social media

Although it is a free platform to reach to your target audience, many of the companies and businesses reach an extensive amount of customer base by running paid social media advertisements, etc. Using paid ads for advertising on social media has more benefits than you can imagine, like:

  • Increases loyal customer base
  • Increases engagement
  • Generate leads
  • Making quicker sales

loyal customer

Create quality content for your followers

It’s more about what they want to see, rather than what you like. The only way to wow your audience and build a potential customer base is by giving them quality products, and provides quality content. Research on the trends being followed in the genre of your products or content and work towards building a similar trend on your pages to enhance the engagement and follower base. First a followed, then a customer should be your mantra.

Using the Benefits of  Social Media Marketing in your Business

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing lives and breathes on strategy and creativity. According to certain studies, 97% of the marketing firms and marketers for their business on social media, and almost 78% of them outgrow their profit by using these social media platforms. Likewise, the benefits of SMM are plenty and making the right use of it to outgrow your competitors is a crucial task.

That said, it is also concerning that almost 50% of the small businesses across the world remain alien to the benefits of using social media and to top it all off, 25% of them are in no way planning to make use of social media to enhance their business. Clearly, there is a disconnect between the members  that are seeking benefits, and the ones that don’t plan on utilizing the benefits of SMM. If you’re one of those latter business’ or individuals, then read more to know the benefits of SMM.

social media

Increases Brand Awareness

With over 3.2 billion active social media users, it is rather a necessity to make right use of platforms for various reasons and it predominantly depends on the goals of your business or company. One of the most important benefits of social media marketing is to increase brand awareness by driving engagement.

A great example of this is what Sir Links Alot social media platforms extend options like likes, shares, comments, re posting, etc which will help in increase your awareness in the online world.

Generate leads and conversions

Lead generation basically means to convert the audiences to potential customers and leads. It is easier this way because you’re already in touch with the potential customer base, or they’re following your page/ account. Hence, interacting and engaging with them is the next step to generate leads from them. Some ways which you can include in the process is

  • Create contests, quizzes to increase traction
  • Providing links to your products or website
  • Live video session
  • Selling products through social profiles
  • Implementing social media marketing campaigns

Increase customer relationship

One of the main advantages of using social media platforms for marketing your products is customer engagement and traction. It allows you to engage and have communication with your followers to build a trustworthy relationship towards your business and brand. Raising questions about your products with timely correction and also organizing giveaways and anything they need help with, will increase your brand’s identity and trust.

customer relationship

Learn from competitors

SMM is the best method to follow if you want to keep tab on your competitors — whether It’s learning from the mistakes of their social media tactics, or their campaigns or their style of promotion, you can learn a lot from their marketing strategies. This also includes the kinds of ads they’re generating and their interaction with the followers. If a particular strategy isn’t working in your favor, then the best way to correct yourself is by having a look at the account or ads of your competitors. It helps you earn from their mistakes and innovative your own way of selling your brand and their products.

Walkthrough on Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

In this digitally well-equipped world as we scroll through our Instagram and Facebook accounts, we come across catchy ads that sometimes lands up on their website. These are all the tactics that are used on social media marketing.

What exactly is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a branch of marketing that deals with creating content to promote extend your businesses’ reach on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This way of sharing your unique content on various platforms helps boot your customer base and also increase awareness of the brand.

In simple words SMM is the use of online platforms to render your products or services to the world. They work on built in analytical tools that help business or companies to track their success or progress through engaging visitors via ads and campaigns. Although the main aim of following in the process is to gain traction to your website, your products, and also increase the brand awareness, different social media platforms follow different approaches, like:

Facebook: With over 1.73 billion active users worldwide, the target audience is mostly the millennial and Generation X. It has a B2C industry impact and is the best for creating brand awareness, and also for advertising your products.

Twitter: Twitter is a platform who’s recently gained popularity with over 126 million daily users and the targeted audience are millennial. The industry impacts from these platforms are B2B and B2C. They’re the best for maintaining public relations, and also provide efficient customer service.

Instagram: It is the most popular platform with over one billion active users, and the target audiences are primary Millenials and generation Z. The industry impact they have is B2C. Instagram is best for having a keen eye for user-generated content, giving behind the scenes details and also advertising your brand.


Snapchat: Despite all the chaos under this app, there are still 229 million active users and mainly targets the generation audience. They’re best suited for the B2C and is used create a brand awareness. Sometimes, the app is also used for advertising.

YouTube: YouTube is one such platform where people know exactly what they’re looking for with a current user base of over 2 billion people. The targeted audience can be anyone from Millenials to generation Z. The kind of a business impact is B2C. This application Is best when used for entertainment, generate brand awareness.

 Pinterest: With over 367 million active users worldwide, they’re used by the younger generation and young business and Millenials to improve or promote their business. The industry impact is B2C and it is mainly used for visual advertising through pictures and videos.



Considering billions of users on these above mentioned social media platforms, it is easy to witness why people, and small and large scale businesses are shifting to social media platforms. It is one of the best ways in the digital marketing sector to indulge and involve in promoting your brand whistle in proximity with the user generated data and customers.

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