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Located in the neighborhood of the same name, the complex that makes up the UPP Andaraí extends to the Grajaú neighborhood and is formed by the Andaraí, Arrelia, Jamelão, Nova Divineia, João Paulo II, Juscelino Kubitschek and Vila Rica hills. The occupation of the area began in the 1930s, on the slopes of the Serra do Andaraí, but the history of the occupation of the region is confused with the history of the surrounding neighborhoods. Until the 17th century, the entire area was full of farms and farms for agricultural production. In the mid-19th century, agricultural production declined and rural properties were divided into lots and sold. One of the first streets opened during this period was Borda do Mato, where the Vila Rica community is located, the first to be occupied in the area. UPP Andaraí is the eleventh state. It was opened inJuly 28, 2010 . UPP Social officially arrived on September 23, 2011.