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Using the Benefits of  Social Media Marketing in your Business

Social Media Marketing lives and breathes on strategy and creativity. According to certain studies, 97% of the marketing firms and marketers for their business on social media, and almost 78% of them outgrow their profit by using these social media platforms. Likewise, the benefits of SMM are plenty and making the right use of it to outgrow your competitors is a crucial task.

That said, it is also concerning that almost 50% of the small businesses across the world remain alien to the benefits of using social media and to top it all off, 25% of them are in no way planning to make use of social media to enhance their business. Clearly, there is a disconnect between the members  that are seeking benefits, and the ones that don’t plan on utilizing the benefits of SMM. If you’re one of those latter business’ or individuals, then read more to know the benefits of SMM.

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Increases Brand Awareness

With over 3.2 billion active social media users, it is rather a necessity to make right use of platforms for various reasons and it predominantly depends on the goals of your business or company. One of the most important benefits of social media marketing is to increase brand awareness by driving engagement.

A great example of this is what Sir Links Alot social media platforms extend options like likes, shares, comments, re posting, etc which will help in increase your awareness in the online world.

Generate leads and conversions

Lead generation basically means to convert the audiences to potential customers and leads. It is easier this way because you’re already in touch with the potential customer base, or they’re following your page/ account. Hence, interacting and engaging with them is the next step to generate leads from them. Some ways which you can include in the process is

  • Create contests, quizzes to increase traction
  • Providing links to your products or website
  • Live video session
  • Selling products through social profiles
  • Implementing social media marketing campaigns

Increase customer relationship

One of the main advantages of using social media platforms for marketing your products is customer engagement and traction. It allows you to engage and have communication with your followers to build a trustworthy relationship towards your business and brand. Raising questions about your products with timely correction and also organizing giveaways and anything they need help with, will increase your brand’s identity and trust.

customer relationship

Learn from competitors

SMM is the best method to follow if you want to keep tab on your competitors — whether It’s learning from the mistakes of their social media tactics, or their campaigns or their style of promotion, you can learn a lot from their marketing strategies. This also includes the kinds of ads they’re generating and their interaction with the followers. If a particular strategy isn’t working in your favor, then the best way to correct yourself is by having a look at the account or ads of your competitors. It helps you earn from their mistakes and innovative your own way of selling your brand and their products.

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