Social Media Marketing

Walkthrough on Social Media Marketing

In this digitally well-equipped world as we scroll through our Instagram and Facebook accounts, we come across catchy ads that sometimes lands up on their website. These are all the tactics that are used on social media marketing.

What exactly is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a branch of marketing that deals with creating content to promote extend your businesses’ reach on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This way of sharing your unique content on various platforms helps boot your customer base and also increase awareness of the brand.

In simple words SMM is the use of online platforms to render your products or services to the world. They work on built in analytical tools that help business or companies to track their success or progress through engaging visitors via ads and campaigns. Although the main aim of following in the process is to gain traction to your website, your products, and also increase the brand awareness, different social media platforms follow different approaches, like:

Facebook: With over 1.73 billion active users worldwide, the target audience is mostly the millennial and Generation X. It has a B2C industry impact and is the best for creating brand awareness, and also for advertising your products.

Twitter: Twitter is a platform who’s recently gained popularity with over 126 million daily users and the targeted audience are millennial. The industry impacts from these platforms are B2B and B2C. They’re the best for maintaining public relations, and also provide efficient customer service.

Instagram: It is the most popular platform with over one billion active users, and the target audiences are primary Millenials and generation Z. The industry impact they have is B2C. Instagram is best for having a keen eye for user-generated content, giving behind the scenes details and also advertising your brand.


Snapchat: Despite all the chaos under this app, there are still 229 million active users and mainly targets the generation audience. They’re best suited for the B2C and is used create a brand awareness. Sometimes, the app is also used for advertising.

YouTube: YouTube is one such platform where people know exactly what they’re looking for with a current user base of over 2 billion people. The targeted audience can be anyone from Millenials to generation Z. The kind of a business impact is B2C. This application Is best when used for entertainment, generate brand awareness.

 Pinterest: With over 367 million active users worldwide, they’re used by the younger generation and young business and Millenials to improve or promote their business. The industry impact is B2C and it is mainly used for visual advertising through pictures and videos.



Considering billions of users on these above mentioned social media platforms, it is easy to witness why people, and small and large scale businesses are shifting to social media platforms. It is one of the best ways in the digital marketing sector to indulge and involve in promoting your brand whistle in proximity with the user generated data and customers.

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